Our Mission

Trajectory will ensure health care providers are paid every appropriate penny for the quality care they provide. We accomplish this goal through reliance on integrity, investment in our employees, relentless effort, and constant adaption.

Our Team

We believe that a company is only as good as the people within it. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly. We enjoy our work, and we constantly strive to improve. While the list below is by no means complete, these are a few of the key people who make Trajectory what it is.

Derrick Idbeis

Chief Executive Officer

Derrick Idbeis possesses a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Colorado State University and a Masters in Business Administration with a focus in finance from Newman University. Derrick's experience includes direct patient interactions in a treatment setting, a seat on the Board of Managers for an acute care hospital, Revenue Cycle Manager for a hospital system, and Cardiology Practice Manager.

During his 10-year career in Revenue Cycle, he has focused efforts on processes responsible for improvement in every standard area of measurement for both hospital and professional accounts receivable. Every business office he has been involved in continually out performs national benchmarks such as days in AR, discharged not final billed, bad debt as a percent of revenue, clean claim rate, and more. Derrick's focus is on creating a team that loves what they do, strives to constantly improve, and delivers well past expectations. Repeatable processes, unrelenting desire for improvement, and positivity are a few of the characteristics Derrick brings to Trajectory.

Christi Newton

Director of Patient Financial Services

Christi Newton has a wealth of experience in revenue cycle and truly understands the process from pre-admission to posting payments and patient follow up. She started her career with Via Christi in 1997 and has since worked in and supervised multiple business offices. Her experience includes admissions process control, new hire training, pre-admissions supervisor, government billing specialist, and claims adjudicator for Preferred Health Systems. Christi brings a well-rounded fifteen year career to Trajectory. Her varied experience in the revenue cycle with multiple employers gives her a unique ability to see the problem from all sides, as well as offer solutions which maximizes efficiency across departments.

Cindy Schmitt

Director of Physician Coding

Cindy Schmitt has been involved with Family Practice billing for nearly 20 years. Along the way she earned her CPC and has been on a roll ever since. She has experience managing registration, precertification, referrals, coding, and billing departments. Currently, she supervises our Family Practice division and ensures accuracy as well as outstanding patient interactions. Her experience in physician billing and coding is wide ranging and deep. She is a spectacular example of the type of person Trajectory chooses to bring excellence to the table.


We believe the healthcare system is purposefully making it harder and harder for providers to be profitable through regulations and red tape. Our job is to navigate through these barriers and bring health care providers back to the highest level of revenue possible.

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