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How we ensure your money

QA Processes

We hire experienced staff and QA every claim. This reduces error rates, decreases denials and days in AR, and improves collections.

Accurate coding

Coding is how we tell insurance how much your work is worth. We ensure accurate and compliant coding through constant internal auditing and training. We employ only certified, experienced coders and use their expertise to capture all appropriate codes.

Self-Pay Collections

We use a patient-centric approach to self pay collections focusing on helping patients understand what they owe and why, answering questions promptly and accurately, and extending the same compassionate care our clients provide to their patients to our the billing process.

Quality and Compliance

We have a full time role dedicated to quality and compliance. We regularly review all processes to ensure they are as efficient and as accurate as possible by using rigorous tools such as Lean and Six Sigma to remove waste and drive accuracy and completeness. These constant efforts to improve allow us to drive clean claim rates up, resulting in less rework and faster payments.


Dedicated to enhancing cash flow for health care providers

Derrick Idbeis

Chief Executive Officer

Christi Newton

Director of Patient Financial Services

Cindy Schmitt

Director of Physician Coding

Dylan Morlan

Director of Finance

Tamra Quinn

Executive Assistant/Credentialing Coordinator