What Makes Us Great

To put it simply, we are experts at maximizing profit based on your patients’ propensity to pay. We use a multi-pronged approach to make sure you are getting paid what you should. Not only that, we strive to speed up your reimbursement time. Through our expertise, we can promise to improve your entire AR process.


The way we conduct business


This is the solution we believe in. It gives us the ability to offer you the full-service option at the best value. We will show a positive return on investment with our turnkey approach. We will come in and evaluate and assume responsibility of your existing office staff, move them onto our payroll, and fine-tune the process to fit our needs. In most cases we have found the problem to be process-based, not personnel. In the case that it is personnel, we will speak with you to find solutions before making any changes. After bringing your staff onto the Trajectory team, we will work with them to find the holes, correct them and then move to improve the process. We will never interfere with how you care for patients. We will simply ensure you get paid top dollar for it. We will apply metrics to see where you are underperforming so we can correct, and find where you are over-performing so we can leverage that process. All the while, you will have full and immediate access to your patient accounts and any and all reporting you would like at any frequency you deem appropriate. You will likely know more about what is going on with your accounts receivable than ever before. Below is a high level view of some of the services included in this turnkey approach.


Our focus in documentation improvement is second to none in the industry. We will use clinical documentation improvement specialists with backgrounds in coding and nursing, and physician assistants (we even have MD consultants). This allows us to look at documentation from every level. What is perfect documentation from a continuity of care perspective could potentially cost the provider on the revenue side, if that verbiage isn’t codeable. We are able to educate providers on simple, quick, and efficient revenue impact.


Our coders have an average of over 25 years’ experience in professional and hospital coding. We focus on communication with the providers to ensure that the highest appropriate and defensible level of documentation and coding makes it to the claim. This results in the best possible reimbursement for the provider.


Our experience has allowed us to improve back-end collections. We know how and when to contact patients to collect as much as possible on the back-end. This proprietary process has reduced bad debt turns in every setting we have worked in.


We utilize a process which allows us to review each individual provider’s top utilized codes, which drives cash. From here, we look to see what new specificity is required in an ICD-10 environment for each of these codes. Next, we teach to the concept, not the code. This is paramount. The number of new codes is insurmountable. The number of new concepts is relatively minimal, especially when we focus on specialty and top utilization. We are then able to take this education directly to the physician in high revenue situations, as well as offer concurrent ICD-10 queries to help physicians get used to the new requirements. ICD-10 takes time to understand and then even more time to implement. All of our coders are trained in ICD-10. Our Director of HIM will soon be a certified ICD-10 trainer.


While we preach a turnkey solution, it may not be for everyone. The question is, can you truly look at your entire AR process and say there is no area in which it needs help? We are happy to offer our services in any way you deem necessary. Our goal is to provide your office and facility the tools to be successful, whether it be on an interim or permanent basis. If that is on an interim basis, we are there for you, if you want a more permanent solution, that is right up our alley as well. Please visit the  Contact Us page should you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our track record and services.