Revenue Cycle Services for Surgical Specialists

Trajectory aims to ensure your practice is paid every appropriate penny for the quality surgical care you provide.

Surgical specialists are in our roots. Our oldest clients are neurosurgeons and interventional cardiologists. We take great pride in a deep understanding of Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, General Surgery, Urology, Gynecology and Otolaryngology.

Trajectory has a proven track record of helping surgical specialists:

Reduce AR days

Reduce denials

Increase percent of charges collected

Increase self-pay collections

As your revenue cycle services partner, we work to optimize your cash flow through integration of both business office processes and clinical documentation.

Our expertise goes beyond medical coding.

Our leadership has managed specialist practices and know where the revenue leaks are. We know how to ensure every case is captured, and we understand the pain and difficulty around emergency cases and hospitals that don’t share information well. We help to act not only as an extra set of eyes to clean up your AR and drive new cash, but also as a sounding board when there are questions within your practice.

Surgical Specialist Revenue Cycle Services

  • Turnkey revenue cycle management
  • Denial management
  • Claim QA and submission
  • Cleanup projects
  • Coding
  • Documentation improvement
  • Self pay management

Increased Collections Through Quality, Documentation, and a Patient-Specific Approach

We use a multi-pronged approach to make sure you are getting paid what you should. Not only that, we strive to speed up your reimbursement time. Through our expertise, we can promise to improve your entire AR process.

QA & Denial Prevention

Most denials are due to clerical errors such as lack of authorization, wrong patient ID, failed NCCI edits, etc. We put every claim through a stringent QA process to reduce error rates, decrease denials and days in AR, and improve your collections. We hire only experienced staff who will buy into a less than 1% error rate.

Certified Coders

Trajectory utilizes only certified coders based in the United States. We do not ship our coding overseas, nor do we employ 1099 laborers. All of our coding is done by coders fully employed and vested in Trajectory and our clients’ success. This allows our clients to get to know the team working on their project and the peace of mind that not only is work getting done right, it’s getting done by people they have access to and can discuss issues with.

Self-Pay Collections

The way people pay for healthcare is changing, with more of the burden shifting to the patient. We optimize your payment collections by segmenting patients into different groups based on who can pay, who will pay, and those who have no ability to pay. This allows for the proper patient-specific approach to each situation, such as payment plans for those with a high likelihood to pay but lower ability, and upfront payment for patients with a high ability to pay but low likelihood.

Our processes lower days in AR, increase self-pay collections, decrease bad debt, and increase patient satisfaction.